Numis (Latin)Alternative form of nummus (“coin”) 

NuMo (Canadian slang): New Money 

Numo: A kick ass mobile money service



Our Story

Sitting on the sand at Wasaga Beach, I wanted to go Kiteboarding. But, the rental shop only took cash - credit card fees were too high.

I had a phone, GPS and a cash card. Now...I had to find an ATM, pay $5 to withdraw cash and come back... What a pain.

Time spent, fees paid, and I might lose my spot in line.


So....what if...... I could use my phone to withdraw cash from the pub?

I'd send the pub a digital credit, they give me cash out of their till. 


Simple!  But...who offers that?

Numo does!  And more

Olaf Vogel, Founder


Our Vision


Anyone, anywhere will be able to pay with the phone.  

  • no credit cards. no debit cards

  • easily

  • quickly


Our backgrounds in banking and capital markets guides our strategy:

  • to build a better payment system for merchants

  • which will become a bridge to a crypto-enabled future.

People will love Numo because of its benefits – not because of someone’s vision for a new currency.



Our Team

Numo is a team of world-class financial experts and technology talent, with over forty years of experience in financial technology start ups, corporate banking and trading

The funders have created a visionary product to bring everyday transactions, from P2P transfers between friends, in-store purchases to virtual banking.