Shop Local. Pay Local. Support Local.

Your Community is:

Where you work, where you shop, where you live.

All those create the ties that make a community.

You share an economic interest and benefit when your community flourishes.

So, what can Numo do for your Community?

Numo strengthens ties within your community by allowing:

  • Instantly transfer funds between residents

  • Digital payments to merchants

  • Cashback & deposit funds like an ATM - through merchants

  • Merchants to pay employees and suppliers for free

  • Money to be kept within the community

  • The promotion of economic diversity, stability and job creation

All through local merchants

Let buyers find your business

Receive digital payment

Keep the money in the community

Retain & build local employment


How does it work?

Numo is a financial network (we’re not allowed to call it a bank) of Users and Merchants, who send payments between each other directly - phone to phone. 

Payments are sent Peer to Peer avoiding banks and expensive payment processors, thereby saving about 3% of merchants' revenue. 

Numo reduces reliance on outside banks, and puts the community in control.
We help build the future.


Other Benefits

For User

  • Easy and convenient way to pay

  • Anonymous

For Merchants

  • Advertise your business

  • Accept digital payments

  • Pay suppliers, employees