What is Numo?

Numo is mobile digital wallet. With Numo, you can send money to friends, pay at stores, in restaurants and bars, request money from family and friends, as well as withdraw cash from almost anywhere without needing an ATM!

Where is Numo available?

Numo is currently on a limited rollout. There are no restrictions on where you can download the app, but since our merchant network is still expanding, Numo merchants may not be available in your location yet.

On what devices can I use Numo?

Numo is available for most iOs (version 9 and above) and Android (version 4.4 and above) phones and tablets.

How much does Numo cost?

Numo is free to download and use! Some transactions, for example, cash withdrawals, carry a small fee. Paying at a merchant is always free for users! Please see the current fee breakdown here.

How can I add money to Numo?

There are several ways.

  • You can connect your bank account to Numo to refill your Numo balance.
  • You can deposit cash at any Numo merchant accepting cash withdrawals and deposits.
  • You may send a money request to a friend or a family member who already uses Numo or invite them to join and receive $5 if they sign up!
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Do I need a bank account to use Numo?

Nope. Some of our users find it easier to connect their bank account to Numo and never worry about running out of balance. Many others deposit cash and earn referral fees to keep their balance at an optimal level. Having a bank account connected is optional.

What can I do with my Numo balance?

As many things as you can think of! Split a bill with friends, get a $20 to pay for drinks at a cash-only bar, pay for drinks directly with Numo if the bar is Numo-friendly, buy a sandwich, treat a friend to ice cream… You may also send money from Numo to your bank account if you have it connected or simply withdraw your balance in part or in full at any Numo merchant.

Why do I need to provide my phone number to Numo?

We use your phone number as the primary identifier for your account (as opposed to your email address, like many other apps). This allows us to keep the communications with you direct (via text) and the usage of the app secure (your phone number and your TouchID/password are required to carry out transactions).

Does Numo have a banking license?

Numo is a licensed MSB (Money Services Business), not a bank.

Can I use Numo outside of Canada?

Mostly no, because our merchant network doesn’t extend this wide yet! While you aren’t able to pay at merchants or withdraw cash outside of Canada, you certainly still can request money from your contacts, send money to your bank and refill your balance from your bank account while abroad.

Promotional Codes and Incentives

Numo may offer its clients promotional or process incentives from time-to-time. These incentives may take the form of monetary credit to our client's Numo accounts, offers of prizes and/or other benefits. In the case of monetary credit to client's Numo accounts, these balances may be used to make purchases with Numo merchants and/or sent to other Numo clients for their purchases, but they may not be withdrawn to client's bank accounts. In the case of prizes and/or other benefits, these incentives will take the form as determined by Numo and provided in a method selected by Numo. Limitations on Promotions and Incentives Incentives are valid for a period of time only and may expire at a future date, at Numo's discretion.

Fictitious Accounts

Numo is a financial institution regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada ‘FINTRAC’ (http://www.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca). Our Money Services Business registration number is M17769105. Incidents of Numo users creating fictitious accounts, using false telephone numbers and/or identification to create accounts and using those accounts to subvert the reporting process of a regulated Money Services Business is an activity called "Structuring". Structuring is defined by FINTRAC as a pattern of financial transaction activity in which a single transaction is broken down into multiple/ sequential transactions below the threshold which would require mandatory reporting and/or the application of an MSB's client ID and record-keeping obligations. Numo is required by federal law to report incidents of potential terrorist financing or money laundering activities, including attempts at structuring financial transactions to FINTRAC who may refer the file to police and/or the relevant Crown Attorney.

Why use Numo?

  • Numo combines all the features of a mobile wallet you could possibly need! Payments, money transfers, cash withdrawals, money requests, and soon - currency conversions, international money transfers, and more!
  • Numo allows you to leave your wallet at home and take only your phone with you - no more bulky wallets or need to carry a purse!
  • Numo is free and available for most iOS and Android devices!
  • Numo fees are a fraction of what you'd pay for using an ATM or sending an Interac transfer!
  • Numo supports small local businesses by significantly lowering their payment processing expenses and allowing them to offer an additional payment method to their customers - the one that's faster, cheaper and more convenient!
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Invite Friends - Earn Money

For every contact that accepts your invitation to register an account with Numo, both you and your contact may earn cash! There are no limits on how many people you may invite and no caps on the referral bonuses you could get. Numo for everyone! To invite your friends to Numo, please follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the main menu button in the Numo app and select "Invite your friends to join Numo".
  2. You will be taken to the main screen for inviting your friends to Numo. Numo will need permission to access your contacts - please select "Allow" to proceed.
  3. Your contacts list will be shown with all of your contacts selected by default. You may unselect individual contacts by tapping on the icon next to the name or just tap "Unselect All" and choose contacts you wish to invite manually.
  4. Your friends located in our current operating areas will receive an invite if they aren't already a Numo user or haven't already received an invite.
  5. Tap Send!
Each contact you chose will receive a text message with the URL to download the app and earn $$ for joining Numo.

Forgot my Password

  1. On the sign in screen, there’s link: “Oops I forgot my password”
  2. On the next screen, enter your recovery phrase.
  3. Pick a new password
  4. You will get a new OTP code
Sign back in with your new password.