Merchant Setup

What do I need?

  • iPhone / iPad - ideally with a TouchID fingerprint sensoror

  • Android phone or tablet,  ideally with a TouchID fingerprint sensor

  • A unique phone number per device

  • Connectivity to the internet: via cellular data or WiFi


Follow the Setup Instructions

We need some business info, so that Numo Users can find you:

  • Business Address

  • Your business logo - Numo Users will see that in the app

  • An image of the front of your business

Some legal stuff:

  • A photograph of the first page of your business license.  
  • Either your CRA BN number or Certificate of Incorporation.

  • (Please ensure it is legible when enlarged)

Optional -banking Info:

So you can send funds to/from your bank account

  • Bank name

  • Name

  • Transit No. (5 digits)

  • Email

  • Acct No. (7-12 digits)

  • Business phone No.


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